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Depending on how much you withdraw, this could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Not What's only fans will that save you money, but it can also make these difficult times a little easier. Even if you won't pay a penalty and you can spread your tax payments out over three years, there are still short- and long-term consequences to withdrawing your savings before retirement age. If you're making significant withdrawals, being able to spread your tax payments over three years can ease the financial burden. Where can I sell pictures of feet for money? Add a bank account to earn money. Once a payment has been requested, it will take between three to five business days to process into your bank account. Huldt explained to Business Insider exactly what her working day involves, and how she makes her living selling adult content on OnlyFans. Now I can watch OnlyFans accounts! But there's a lesser-known aspect of the bill that could have a significant effect on your finances: You now have the opportunity to raid your retirement fund without facing a penalty. These new regulations make withdrawing from your retirement fund more enticing, but is it a good idea to raid your savings?