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Ernest The Hen

And by the way, if you think you messed up you possibly can all the time head back up the ladder then down again to reset the levers. If you might be on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your system to make sure it is not contaminated with malware. Pull Lever E, go through the east door, the south door, after which the next south door. Pull Lever C, go through the north-west door after which the west door. Pull Levers A and B again, undergo the north-west door, then the west door after which the north door.
In which, have all been hidden by the poltergeists in the manor. To change him again, the professor is going to need you to help him discover a strain gauge, a rubber tube, and an oil can. He'll explain to you that Ernest has really turned into a chicken when he was helping out with an experiment.

Give him the items, and he will repair his machine, which is able to flip Ernest again right into a human. You need to assist him find a pressure gauge, a rubber tube, and an oil can, in any order you would like. Talk to Veronica standing just outside the courtyard of the Draynor Manor.
Go to the south-jap room, grab the spade subsequent to the door leading exterior, if you don't have already got one to get the rubber tube. Leave the manor by exiting the door within the south-japanese room, go to the south-western nook of the manor grounds to the fountain. Use the poisoned fish food on the fountain to kill the piranhas then search the fountain to get the pressure gauge. Use the poisoned fish meals on the fountain within the south west nook of the grounds.
Her fiancé went into the big spooky manor house to ask OSRS gold for sale instructions.Enter the manor and climb up the staircase in the centre room.Search the bookcase on the left side on the wall, to achieve entry to a secret room.You want to help him discover a strain gauge, a rubber tube, and an oil can, in any order you would like.Go back into the manor through the entrance entrance, and use the key with the door containing the room with the skeleton, and take the rubber tube.
When you do so, the skeleton will assault you; you can choose to kill the skeleton or just dodge its attacks and go away the room. in the room immediately south of the winding staircase used to achieve Professor Oddenstein. To get the poison, you need to go to the small northwestern room on the ground ground just south of the cooking range. Enter the manor and climb up the staircase.
Pull Lever D, undergo the south-west door and then the south door. Now climb up the central staircase simply south of this room, after which once more climb up the spiral staircase to the west of the steps you simply climbed up on. Start point Speak to Veronica, just south of Draynor Manor by the gate.Official difficultyNoviceDescriptionVeronica could be very apprehensive. Her fiancé went into the massive spooky manor house to ask for instructions.